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Short update containing some information regarding combat mechanics (animated gif included)

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Sorry for the long time since the last post. The game has advanced a lot, specially design-wise. A lot of art assets for the levels have been made during these months, and finally, Spirit Huntress is starting to look like something that can be achieved, and something that's worth all the work needed.

I feel like it's time to show a little bit more about the combat mechanics. Working on the animations for both Hibari and the enemies is really tough, but I think the result is totally worth it. Here's a preview gif showing hibari and a zombie-like enemy who's being chained in a 5 hit combo:

Hibari performing a 5 hit combo

(Please, note the placeholder background)

A few thing that I'd like to explain about that gif:

- The battle damage numbers are optional. You can disable them if they bother you. This game has minor rpg elements (you can upgrade your strength, defense, health and magic attributes, and there's a slight random factor that'll determine the amount of damage inflicted) but is being designed in a way that it doesn't need complex calculations.

- The last hit is a combo finisher. After the main 4 hit combo chain, you'll be able to execute a final blow that will be stronger and have some extra effect on the enemy. There'll be up to 5 different combo finishers, that can be used pressing a direction key together with the attack key. For instance, you can press attack + up to perform an uppercut that will send the enemy into the air. The finisher shown here is the default one and doesn't need any direction key input to be executed.

- Most regular enemies (like this one) will have more than one way to die. If you finish it off with a strong hit (like the regular combo finisher) he'll be thrown backwards and fall on his back. If it dies of a normal hit, he'll just fall to his knees, then die. Finally, if you kill it with an attack directed to his head (like the first attack) you'll chop its head.

- Some genius noticed that the enemy isn't blocking Hibar's attacks, nor even trying to dodge them. To avoid confusion, I'll state again that this is a work in proggress. It takes a lot of work to make all these animations, and I'm still working on the enemy AI. Needless to say that enemys will be a challenge, not something to bash at will.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm sorry for all the delay, but I think that this game needs a lot of work, and only like to release things I'm content with. Hopefully I'll be able to obtain funds for this someday and get some help. But until that happens, it'll be only me.

See you soon!

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