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A brief description of the features of the main factions of the mod.

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A brief description of the features of the main factions of the mod.

The USSR - is a peaceful high-tech country, developing not only traditional branches of science, but also biogenetics. It is the USSR that sets the quality bar for all countries of the ORC bloc - the Organization of the Red Countries, in which it is the leader. Due to the help of the USSR, the level of development of the participants in the ORC, at the time of the beginning of the third world war, unleashed by the Alliance, is approximately the same.

Features of the faction:

+ Strong, tenacious troops, but expensive.
+ Strong, well-protected workers bring a lot of resources.
+ Buildings are more durable than Alliance buildings.
+ Lots of versatile infantry. Many types of Soviet infantry have slow self-healing.
+ Professional medics heal all living ground fighters for free.
+ Elite vehicles and werewolf monsters have strong self-healing, powerful attack.
+ A radar tower scouts unexplored terrain at any distance from it.
+ The USSR war factory repairs the nearest ground mechanical troops for free, and the Air Force headquarters - repairs the air mechanical troops.
+ Soviet monsters, special forces, elite vehicles, psi commanders are immune to psi control.
+ Elite artillery "Tulip" attacks at a very long distance.
+ Tower-medic restores all ground and air troops in the middle radius around itself.
+ Tanks "Shield" give additional protection to nearby friendly ground troops.
+ The super-weapon of the USSR - a nuclear mine - deals damage to ground troops in a large radius.

The Alliance - is a military organization of mainly Western countries, including the United States, whose main goals are the destruction of the USSR and the capture of all countries on planet Earth. Despite the apparent unity within the Alliance, the leadership of each country wants to rule the Alliance, subjugating the other countries of this organization. From an open internal war between the countries of the Alliance, they are restrained by the presence of a common enemy - the USSR and the ORC (Organization of the Red Countries), without which the Alliance has no sense of existence. After the dominion in the Alliance was seized by the new American government, represented by the anti-Soviet and Russophobic fanatics of president Nick Smyaly, as well as his two best generals, Gable and McCracken, the Alliance began accelerated preparations for unleashing a third world war and an early attack on the USSR.

Features of the faction:

+ Helots-miners Alliance can teleport on order to a loyal main building or refiner.
+ A lot of cheap troops that are created faster than the counterparts of other factions.
+ Buildings are cheaper than counterparts on other factions and are built faster.
+ Early access to flying troops (flying soldiers and helicopter gunships "lus").
+ Research "stimulants" allows some types of infantry to self-repair.
+ The primary tank "Destroyer" can be upgraded to attack air targets with anti-aircraft missiles.
+ The widespread use of toxic and chemical weapons allows the Alliance troops to inflict long-term damage to both single enemies and groups of enemies, as well as to poison the terrain, which will damage all ground troops caught in the infected zone.
+ Some standard types of troops can receive toxic projectiles to poison opponents.
+ Many * sabotage units with dastardly abilities.
+ Alliance Spies are cheaper than similar units from other factions.
+ Many suicide units - sea, land, air, inflicting damage on groups of victims, suicidal about them.
+ Alliance "Raider" artillery supplies resources by attacking enemy buildings.
+ Invisible elite bombers "Stools" with strong attack.
+ Alliance Flamethrower Bunker (primary defense building) deals area damage.
+ Infantry bunkers are cheap and available earlier than counterparts from other parties.
+ Alliance super-weapon - Storm correlator - deals massive damage to any visible ground, sea and air troops in the attack zone.

The Tashans - are the folk of the polity of good monsters Tasham, whose territories extend to several planets and planetary dungeons. The Tashans planned not to come into contact with people for a long time, due to their insufficiently high moral development, but were drawn into the third world war of the people, due to the attack of the Alliance and Alemandia on the Tashan underground Lindh of planet Earth.

Features of the faction:

+ Strong but expensive troops. More expensive and stronger than their Soviet counterparts.
+ Most of Tashan's troops are self-healing.
+ All Tashan buildings are self-healing.
+ Initially, there are no separate resource processors, their functions are performed by the main building.
+ Several types of medics and repairmen. Some of them restore troops or buildings for free.
+ Tashan's primary generator can weakly heal any friendly living troops.
+ Tashan War Factory repairs all friendly mechanical troops (both ground and air) for free.
+ Mid to high level monsters are immune to psi control.
+ Seeker Tashan (analogue of an engineer) has invisibility.
+ Metamorphia allows some types of Tashan troops to resurrect after death. This ability of its owners, after use, recharges for a while.
+ Building "Arsenal" - this is a light version of the main building, accepts both resources, but cannot do anything else. Not immediately available.
+ Super-weapon Tashan - Siagot - greatly speeds up the recovery of health / strength of all friendly troops, as well as increases their defense.

The Alemandia - is a polity created by Alexander the Macedonian, who returned to the world of the living with the help of the Alliance. Using the followers of his secret cult, the Macedonian, after the resurrection, was able to quickly establish his power in some European countries, while deceiving the leadership of the Alliance so as not to arouse suspicion of disloyalty. The goal of the Macedonian is the same as that of the Alliance, the capture of the world, However, the Macedonian wants to rule the capture world alone, he does not need a competitor in the form of the Alliance. Conflict is inevitable. The troops of Alemandia are a cross between the troops of the Alliance and Tashan in terms of characteristics and abilities.

Features of the faction:

+ Cheap workers.
+ Many attacking buildings.
+ Primary generators (taverns) and the main building attack any ground enemies visible or detected by detectors.
+ Polygon (barracks Alemandia) attacking ground troops.
+ Primary soldiers - archers - can weakly attack air enemies.
+ Monks and fanatics of the west can turn the corpses of enemies into loyal living skeletons.
+ Unknown building and graveyard supply corpses to turn them into skeletons.
+ Using poisonous weapons and abilities allows you to poison the terrain and groups of ground enemies.
+ Lots of summoned troops, created from magical energy by special units, which, if used correctly, can turn the tide of a battle.
+ Many of Alemandia's troops are undead or golems immune to psi control.
+ There are kamikaze units.
+ Fighting zombies - an analogue of war animals, they see invisible ground infantry, they can attack both infantry and equipment.
+ Primary artillery - rapid-fire, but very inaccurate.
+ A light magician (analogue of an engineer) can fly, as well as slowly repair loyal buildings and equipment.
+ Alemandia's super weapon - the source of the undead - creates a crowd of elite undead that have been around for a while.

* Many - in relation to the total number of types of troops of the faction.

Interesting Facts.

In the Alliance campaign, the player will be able to change sides - to leave the Alliance and join the Resistance, the opponents of the Alliance - in this case, the storyline for the player will be different, and will not interfere with further Alliance missions if the player did not change sides. The player will also be given a choice in the last mission for the Alliance, between two potential leaders of this organization. However, if a player, in the Alliance campaign, joins the Resistance, so far, this will not be reflected in the passage of campaigns for other parties to the conflict. (I just don't know how to make this choice affect other campaigns.)

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