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A State of the Mod address from the head developer of the ABNW mod.

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Hey all!

It's been a long time since I posted an article here on ModDB due to my own personal life, dealing with a growing team, and trying to plan out content to keep the ball rolling. So, without further ado, here is what you can expect within the coming months.

We are planning to leave the alpha phase of the mod (which will have covered up to 1936) by the spring time. At the earliest, it will be March and the latest, May. This will officially end the ABNW alpha phase with a good chunk of technologies, events, national focuses, etc. being completed for this part of the project. There will be enough content to play up to the base game of 1936 and there will be at least one more start date for the interwar period in 1919. We are looking to expand this by continuing to play with the setup screen to allow for possibly a second interwar start date in the mid 20's. Within the alpha, we will be introducing ways of controlling expansion so you (and the AI) don't blob out within the first 5 years of the game. As of now, the way we have countered this is to reduce production efficiency significantly with bonuses being given through research. This will limit how long you can stay in a war as equipment is broken, seized, lost, etc. during war (otherwise you can just toss men into the fray with a pitchfork and torch).

Once the mod leaves alpha, what can you expect? First off, a great deal of research has been done for the Cold War and modern/near future periods (up to 2034!) by our lovely researcher, Lum (some of you may know him from the ARMA 3 community). But, what does that mean? There are a plethora of technologies we have planned for the beta phase that will receive their own technology folders - meaning that infrastructure will be separate from science which will be separate from industry! As well, we shall have an idea of how we are going to simulate the Space Race and post-Cold War space advancements.

Once the beta is complete, the release will focus on alternate history and expanding all options to allow for alternate routes more effectively such as a democratic China and Russia in 1920 or the state of Eretz-Israel, reformation of the HRE, etc. At this point, most of the balancing will be complete and we will just be polishing up bugs and adapting to the changing situation Paradox presents through DLCs.

That is all for now as I attempt to persuade some of my devs to help me work on this part of the audience.


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