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A short talk about whats going on and what our plans for the future are.

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Hello and welcome to Threshold, our brand new little game. And by little I mean immense and scary. If you know me then you know that I have a habit of digging into ridiculously ambitious projects and Threshold is no different. I won’t lie, there are a lot of things that I want to make happen in this game that are going to be pushing the limits, if not well outside the limits of what I know I can do. Infinite deformable terrain and dynamic water to name two of the most looming terrors that await me on this project.

But fortunately I am not alone. My good friend and fellow Full Sail graduate Nathan Bloch will be joining Stellar Knights. Yes that means I can finally stop talking in third person and pretend to be a real company! We currently have a Kickstarter under advisement and I will be posting a link once it is up. If we make that then we will be able to devote a solid year to developing Threshold, so no distractions this time YAY!

While we wait we will be working on the game and making it
more interesting. I plan on once again doing some form of weekly report on how
things are going and what has been accomplished.

Hope to be posting more soon,

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