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Just some 0.6 info i thought i should share with you guys.

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Hey all, its me [2143-dev]andrewthecool here, giving you some good ol' news on the next version of the mod!

Be ready to get thrilled beyond belief.

Ok, so here's a bit of a list of things that are changing in 0.6 and beyond...

1. NS maps will be included. I navemeshed the maps, and I am tweaking the flags and such for max gameplay experience. so far the bridge at Remaden, port Bavaria and liberation of lizpeg(i don't know exact names) are navmeshed. How did i get AI to work on Bavaria? something that most ppl would never dream about. using....... DROPSHIPS!! :D
Yes, i added one (1) EU pod dropship to the map, so AI will spawn. a word of advice. You spawn NOT in the dropship, so while the AI soldier powers up the ship you must jump in as quickly as possible,
or the AI pilot will fly off, and the dropship spawn is 30 seconds. who wants to wait 30 seconds when there are zombies to kill? Also, on the Liberation of lizpeg map, there MIGHT be a hidden(probly not that well hidden) hovercraft for all your ramming and killing needs. be warned, the ammo will not replenish on that hovercraft, and its only a one time spawn, so use it wisely for escaping and some defensive stuff.

Another big issue fixxed in this patch will be the REMOVAL of all in-game ladders. I did this because of the high volume of beta testers scrambling up the nearest ladder to safety and RDXing the s**** out of all the zombies. *cough* cmdrfluff *cough*

Also, another small but probably big thing that will be soon implemented. Im working on a little app that will load the game, depending on which mod varient will be run. the three varients im thinking up are:
1. Tactical version
2. Fun version
3. Community version

The first 2 versions are self explanatory, while the community version will be a version composed of anything and everything(to a extent) the community(YOU) wants. When the variants and menu loader are implemented, a request form for the community varient will be added to forums.

Lastly, i will NOT be making a patch version, as it is annoying and troublesome.

Well, thats about it for this update. hope to get out the 0.6 version ASAP!

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