Post news RSS 90% - finished come the details. Could take some time.

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The overall theme is ready, now I have to do some details.
A liitle dirt there, shadows there, lights, all this stuff.
Hope to be finished tomorrow.
If I didn't finish it tomorow, next week.
But I think it will definetely be tomorrow.

New Cursor - done
diplomacy window - like it as it is
main menu - done
UI - details missing
New Icosn - some done, most are cool in the vanilla
UI translations - german done (mother tongue first ;D) english tbd; other languages not planned but possible

Settings menu - tbd
Splash screens - tbd
Main menu - done

If you want your own picture ingame but don't know how to achieve this:

\Supreme Ruler 2020 - Gold\Graphics\People
Then search:
Add your own image here.
Do not alter the images resolution. (96*96)*4(heads)
Save and you're done.

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