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This game will have custom faction but I need some ideas for other factions besides the few I came up with... I need some good Ideas please goto the forums to talk about it.

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So far my back story places about 7 legions against themselves and one Chosen remnant force that is held up high in a mountain fortress. What I will need is Back stories, Name of the faction, role in the world, and how powerful they are compared to the other legions. Empires can't be vast unstoppable behemoths this is a world that has be ravaged by nuclear war, interstellar warfare, and now a great civil war. So empires must fit inside the universe in fact they can be individuals, squads, clans, etc. It has to sound like it would belong in the game. Good example would be Fallout go by their guidelines. Factions are powerful but not huge Empires that is what I need. I'm thinking of making single player just one huge map with some RPG like game playing. Think of doing missions in certain zones best example would be GTA series. Only there won't be random car generation or elegant epic cities. Since most of the settlements are military installations.

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