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ZX v8.2 is already in the works, and will mark a different update strategy.

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Hi folks, just a quick check-in to tell y'all that ZX's next release, 8.2, is already in progress. 8.2 onwards will mark a new update strategy-- I'm going to start doing smaller, more incremental updates with less downtime between releases. Largely, the mod's future updates are going to slow down, content-wise-- I'm not planning on adding any more weapons or classes, though new enemies aren't off the table. No more MASSIVE content dumps that are a year apart-- I'm not satisfied updating the mod that way anymore, and it's not exactly conducive to developing a wider audience for ZX. Plus, I'm finally starting to feel satisfied as to how complete I feel the mod is. I fully admit, I'm weird; I'm the kinda guy who likes a mod to cover all the bases.

So, plans: for 8.2, I'm mostly focusing on expanding the Game Info menu and writeups and tweaking the ammo systems a bit. As always, any release contains bugfixes and a rebalance or two, but don't expect anything drastic unless it's a real "oh shit" issue with the mod. I'm planning on having all the writeups done for the remainder of the ingame information menus, with a view to replacing all of the out-of-game text files' flavor-text sections and making players more aware of the game mechanics.

Future versions will have an addon that will provide recorded narration for those information menus, in addition to a possible resurrection of the "silly skills" add-on. If it DOES happen, it's probably gonna need a rethink versus what I've got in my design docs.

To the ModDB community that's so warmly recieved my mod, I thank you so, so much. I did not expect such a reception. I hope I can continue to entertain y'all with ZX-- it's been a labor of love for years now, well before it was first uploaded here. Seems the labor's paying off. Thanks again!


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