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I'm not dead, and nor is the mod. In's anything but.

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Right, so, I know I haven't updated here in months. Legitimately, I've either been too depressed or busy to. This pandemic's doing a massive number on the mentality of everyone out there.

THAT SAID: the mod is still progressing, slowly but surely. There will be massive reworks to the class-based addons, paring them down to just one addon, and expanding the available classes...and class-exclusive armaments. There will, factoring in all the class exclusives, be a total of exactly one hundred weapons in the release version of the mod. Coupled with that, the menus have been improved and expanded, the weapon wheel slightly reworked, a lot of weapons have gotten further A/V polish (being my specialty and all), a couple of the class exclusives have been reworked or replaced, and...well, there's more on the horizon.

A new add-on, "Silly Skills", will be in the mix at time of release, adding multiple offbeat difficulty settings that replace the standard ten difficulty settings if loaded in-- plus, as mentioned in prior updates, new weapons, monsters and classes. (EDIT 12/3/2020: Silly Skills is off the table for now. Maybe next update.)

I would be lying if I said that I intended to be making this many changes this quickly. I was honestly considering 8.0 to be the last "big" release of ZX-- I know, strange, as it's only the second ModDB has seen-- but with how much I've done to 8.1 that statement has become a falsehood; with that said, I'm actually running out of ideas and things to put into ZX without it turning into Æons of Death-lite...moreso than it already is.

I would like to deeply thank those of you who have played, commented and reviewed the mod-- even that one guy who complained about "y u no screenshot releases". I hope that, when v8.1 drops, you guys will love it just as much or even more than 8.0. I have committed to making each version of the mod better than its predecessors in multiple, palpable ways...all I hope is that I haven't failed in that respect.

Thank y'all for putting up with this fatass from Alabama and his silly Doom mod-- I'll keep trying to deliver for you.


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