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Today was spent making a few small extras for the mod, as well as some work on the layout of my next level. The extras were the focus.

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1. Water Tube Puzzle: This puzzle tasks the player with pulling 3 switches in the right order to fill all 3 tubes and complete the objective. The video shows a green light that activates with success. In game, something much different will happen. This device took 9 entities, including all of the moving water tubes, switches, and even the water LOD control. 2. Ammo Dispenser: This template was made for an ammo dispenser. Push the button and RPGs come down the little feed ramp and stop neatly in a tray at the bottom. Ammo supply from this device is unlimited. Any ammo or weapon can be substituted with little effort in the Hammer Editor. This device took only 3 entities to make, and one of them is the initial RPG round.

3. Proximity Mines! I made some carryable proxy mines. At first you had to use the physgun, but with a simple 'arm' button on the top, you can pick it up and carry it anywhere, drop it, arm it and head for the hills. Either Players or NPCs will activate it when within range. These should be really fun. They are a tad ugly atm but I just wanted to make sure it would work before I went the whole 9 yards. This device took 4 entities to make, including the button and the mine itself.

4. Small Button Puzzle: This one is damn ugly but its just a template, so before you go criticizing it just know that that IS NOT the finished product, though it is fully functional. It will be made pretty later and worked right into the environment, not sitting in a box as you see in the test vid. This device took 6 entities including the lights. The buttons themselves are 3 more for a total of 9.

The thing that ate up the time was the water tube puzzle. It took hours of trial and error to get it right, and by the time I was finished it worked with much less entites than originally planned. (it seemed my original plans didnt work, but they looked great on paper!) Each item was streamlined to work with the bare minimum entity use. My personal fav: The proximity mines. I actually had some fun placing them in the patrol routes of unaware combine soldiers and watching them blow.

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