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Greeting! Out 7th KNDW Magazine is out! You can check Steam Greenlight progress and development progress, new art, our news!

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Thank you for your visit! I’m Lee Yun-Seok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO.
The 7th magazine of the 『Discouraged Workers』 to be written as of May 02,
the 56th day from the start date of Steam Greenlight, March 7.

Steam Greenlight

In 6 days, we got a 59.4% "Yes" and 40.6% "No".
And our rank it went down 1%.


Discouraged Workers Demo is available on Amazon Appstore! -April 27

6th KNDW Magazine was Popular Articles #4, Popular News #3 on SlideDB.
We made a new record in Popular News -April 28

Discouraged Workers All Game Fetures was Popular Artices #2,
Popular Features #1 on SlideDB. We made a new record. -April 29

And same day, Discouraged Workers Demo Released on Amazon Video Games.

Discouraged Workers All Game History was Popular Artices #2,
Popular Features #1 on SlideDB. -May 01

I don't know why our articles that is authorised on SlideDB only.
I love IndieDB and I want to IndieDB. We are Indie.

Discouraged Workers Demo Mac version was
picked of Amazon Hot New Releases.

And it reached Mac Games > Digital Games & DLC #50 on
Amazon Best Sellers! -May 01

And I finished update Demo V0.9.983. Fix running error for Mac, Active Splash image for PC platforms, Change the game rating screen-TIGRS to ESRB, Fix game rating in Korean.

Today, Discouraged Workers Demo had reached Adventure games #19,
Free adventure games #18 on

Finally, I submitted Discouraged Workers Demo in the Ubuntu Software Center. And I re-published PC / Mac version in the Amazon Video Games.

New Game Screenshots With Promotional Frame

Deep Kiss



Bridge of Life

Development Progress

Now I'm working for "Walking in the Hangang Bridge"
screen programming and continuing PSP port.
"Walking in the Hangang Bridge" is conclusion step of the game.
If you finish the progress it, you can reach to the "Edge of the World".
Our Artist YANG, she start working for "Doggy Style".
Our translator Ga Younghee, she working for fix grammar errors
and unnatural sounds.

// Did you like our seventh magazine? Hope you enjoyed it,
and if so, please vote on
Steam Greenlight.
We will reward all of you with a better game.

Discouraged Workers

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