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The third progress update for 7’s Second WAD, not much this time.

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Recently all I’ve done is tweak two monsters and add a powerup (and I possibly changed one), so progress is rather slow right now. A more significant change is that I have chosen the textures I am going to use for the next environment and I am thinking about changing the way to end a level to the green big door texture and swap the door at the start of levels (the one that is already green) to the brown big door texture (it’s close enough to red), as it may make more sense and show that you can’t go through the first door, but I may leave the first door green and make the finish door brown instead, as this would make it easier to understand that one is the start and one is the finish. There should be a poll for this soon. Still no success on the music, so if anybody here would like to help with it, please contact me and let me know, but know you’ll do it for free.

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