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Here are two news 1. Patch 1.5 2. In a personal matter

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1. Patch 1.5

2. In a personal matter

1. BF2 Patch 1.5: At the moment we connot assure to 100% that OPK 0.31 will work with the final version of BF2 1.5. Therefor we advise all OPK-Players and Server-Administrators to wait with the installation oft the Patch. If neccesary we will release a Client- and Serverside Hotfix. After the release tomorrow and the first test we will publish a short recommendation.

Additionally you will be able to find a torrent link for the new patch here, as all wires will glow at the release...

2. After the troubles with the "Wattwürmer"-Clan, because of unallowed changed settings of OPK on their Server, we have had a copnversation with them and found a solution. Both sides want to support the BF-Community and especially the Mod-world. Thats why those (unnecessary) troubles are bad for development.

The MRS-OPK-Server of the "Wattwürmer" is used as a "Public-Lab" and contains changed Gameplaysettings, which are not part of the original OPK 0.31. The Wattwürmer support OPK with the enhancement of our Gameplay. So don't wonder when a weapon or a spawntime is changed on this server. Criticism and proposals to the Settings should be posted in our forums, that we can take them into account in the next stage of development.

We are all looking forward to resume the cooperation with the "Wattwürmer"-Clan!

You can play the Original OPK (0.31) on Servers which are labeled with [OFFICIAL]

Have fun playing OPK, Proposals and Feedback please in our forums:

We wish you an exciting BF-Week!

Your OPK-Team!

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