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Today we again have prepared somthing to look at. This time it's the L119A1 which we have presented in one of the last news, but with some color.

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Today we again have prepared something to look at. This time it's the L119A1 which we have presented in one of the last news, but with some colour.

Attention Soldiers! The british logistic steam reports fresh skins, which are brought to the front-lines. All Weapons of the Type L119A1 are subject to this novation. Like the model the skin is from . We want to thank them aswell as the PR:Mainmod. Mavy and Tass are responsible to bring this new tool ingame.

At the moment the logisticians aren't sure which aiming help will be used. But there are discussions about Eclan or EO-Tech optics. To leave a small impression to you, soldiers at the frontlines, the office has released some pictures of the weapon in colour.

We hope that you are looking forward to Version 0.3 just as we do!

Your OPK-Team


Please for the love of GOD, do not release with that model as it is.

The model looks amazing, great job, but you've placed a MGO on the top (Machine gun Optic). That optic is designed for light machine guns such as the M249 SAW, or M240(b).

If you do a quick google image search, you'll be hard pressed to see anyone using an MGO on this weapon (or any carbine for that matter) who knows what they are doing. To anyone who knows military weapons, or is in the military, this stands out.

Might I suggest a M68 by Aimpoint, the Trijicon A-COG, or my personal favorite, the EOtech.

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ELCAN C79 is a standard issue optic gunsight for C7 rifles in Canadian military. It could be also used on C8 carbines or C9 machineguns. L119A1 is only a British designation for Diemaco C8 SFW. When you try to google some older British SF photos you may find few pictures of L119s fitted with ELCAN scopes. But it's not such a big deal, 4x32 A-COG scopes are widely used as well.

(( some reference pictures ))
L119A1s with ACOG scopes and with HK AG-C 40mm grenade launchers ...

On the other hand EOtech and Aimpoint scopes may be quite handy for CQB or MOUT engagements.

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