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7 stories about the Hyperborean Period and its future. Read it if you`re interesting in it.

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Finished stories. (Hyperborean period)

1. Unholy Lord

2. Unholy Prophet

3. Once Upon a Time

4. War is coming.

5. The last day of Azis.

6. Snare for the Mad guys.

7. Revenge of the N`Sai
main information is there.

I need say, that 7th story can be the last story of this Hyperborean period. I have a lot of ideas now... but still thinking about the revelance of it.

Anyway, i made 7 full stories about my New Canon. Seven stories about the Hyperborean Period.

Many of them are battle-stories. And i`m going to realize all of them.

Old Canon was defeated... But New Canon will be the winner of this battle.

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