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This is my take after the release of the Quest for the Golden Potato seven months later.

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As my first official release project, I think I did decent. As much as most of the assets were stock RPG Maker VX Ace sprites, they did it job. The Character Creator used for the characters was also nice, although limited in costumes selection but all manage to fit each character's location in the game. For example, Darion is from a land that populated with deserts and more of Arabian style to it while Tiblet comes from a more grass Mage village.

The Plot, its pretty basic, your main mission is to take down the enemy group, the Shadow Nation from taking over the world. The world itself is pretty bland and many of the NPCs don't talk. Even in the Definitive version, they're still bland.

Beside that, it just bugs are all around tat I manage to fix a couple months later.

I rated my game a C-. Its my first game I kinda expect it to be sour. But time will get me an advantage to learn from my mistakes.

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