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7 DEADLY SINS 2.0 (for Sins of a Solar Empire 1.05) is available from

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Greetings Everyone,

7 DEADLY SINS 2.0 is complete!

Go to to download your copy!

Remember, this is for version 1.05 Sins, so you may need to downgrade if you made the mistake of upgrading before the mod was released. But you will be glad you did! Here is a list of some of the things included in the mod:

11 Brand new colonizable planet types
Colonizable Gas Giants, with new types of Gas Giants
5 Colonizable Stars - you colonize the moons that orbit themOver 80 brand new planetary bonuses, including negative ones.1 New Star - White Star1 New Super Massive Black Hole - at the center of some solar systems2 Black Holes - will destroy your ships2 Nebuleas - complete with baby stars3 Different Moons, orbiting various planets and Stars11 Playble Races
TCA - modified TEC, with custom ships
Unity - modified Advent
Dark Fleet - modified Vasari
The Galactic Empire - from Star Wars
The Rogue - Playable, custom pirates
The Arilou - UFO race from the Star Control Games
The Ur-Quan Korh-Ah - Death race from the Star Control games
The Atlantians - the ultimate race, the creators of all humanoid life forms (the gods)Completely new soundtrack, provided by Gurkoz, Makon, Lucas Arts (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Game) & (Star Wars), Frank Klpacki (Universe at War Soundtrack),
and Toys for Bob, the developers of Star Control 1 & 2.Completely new sound effects, provided by Gurkoz, Toys for Bob, and Lucas Arts.New star color variants with matching skyboxes, provided by the Sins Enhanced mod.All new weapons, engines, abilities, and explosion effects, provided by Bailknight's Graphical mod, WLD Graphical mod, Volumetric Explosions, and DANMAN.New classes of ships including:
Light Frigate
Heavy Frigate
Super Crusier
Super TitanRaces now have their own traits that make them more unique, from being a total offensive race, to a highly researching race. Each race now has its own unique tactics of gameplay. TEC
Same tactics as before
Build "tanks" of ships, and roll over your enemy with firepower and armor strength.
Spread culture even better, and keep enemies at bay with improved beam and shield technology.
Utilize phase missles with reckless abandon, with 60% possible improvement of bypassing shields, amd make use of bigger ships.
Use the power of the Empire, raw power and fear to completely dominate your enemy.
Rob, pilfer, and steal your way to greatness. The Rogue are a mismash of various stolen technology, and can steal resources, and even other ships.
Not being of this dimension, the Arilou do not rely on money and normal means of transport or construction. They simply spawn ships from their "motherships",
and travel through Quasispace, which propels them at near instant speeds from planet to planet.
Totally aggressive, the Korh-Ah are built for battle. They are all offense, and barely any defense. They focus on exterminating every race and every planet they find,
and almost every ship is capable of boming from orbit. Their goal is to "cleanse" the universe of all other sentient life, anything that is not an Ur-Quan.
The first humonoid race in existance, they created all others. They are slit into two sub-species, start with a weaker side. They rely totally on technology, and is
key to their success and survival. The Atlantian Player that can access all their research, will be unbeatable late in the game. They harness many deadly weapons,
including the dreaded Stellar Converter from the Master of Orion games, and can even cause a Super Nova explosion. Tactics for playing them are research hard and fast,
or your weaker side will be quickly defeated by the other races, who are much stronger in the beginning of the game. Their weakness is their technology however, and
loss of their research stations will instantly cripple them until they are rebuilt.
Hundreds of custom researches, including those created by DANMAN, HammerSun, and Uzii.Altered Artifacts, 2 plus the 7 DEADLY SINS of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.Dozens of custom ship models, including those from HammerSun, i Nert, EvilJedi, Kiedjor, DANMAN, and the X3: Reunion development team.Dozens of new maps, provided by SamazRalan and the 7DS Mod Team.New opening video and logos, video by SamazRalan, logos by DANMAN.New loadscreens, menu colors, and characters, provided by Uzii, Gihren, and DANMAN.Custom HUD displays for the custom races. Stock races are unchanged.Many more features too numerous to name here, and there is always more in development.




hmm i cant seem to get this one to work it wont unzip for me any one know why?

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i cant even find it

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i just extracted all the files to the mod folder, i opened sins and enabled the mod. Nothing changed so i clicked the apply changes button and sins stopped working. Any ideas?

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from what I understand, this mod does not work with current sins, is a current version being worked on?

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