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Today was spent creating a couple small items for the mod. One is a puzzle similar to the old duke nukem 'switch puzzle' where you have to turn the right switches to accomplish whatever it is that they do. Get the wrong combo and its no go. This 1st one was an easy one, 3 buttons is all. Ill be making a few 5 button puzzles later.

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The backpack system was made in its full form today as well, allowing the player to carry items while still wielding a weapon. I also have created stash crates to place the items in should you want to pick up other items, but they may not be needed as the only reason to need them is a 'weight limit' I imposed on the whole system. Also, without a menu for it, its almost pointless to use except for helping you to not be vulnerable while carrying these items to where they need to be.

In addition, a weapon/ammo dispenser was created, to help refill ammo in key situations. Push the button and it dispenses (in this case) RPG rounds for a boss fight. I also successfully created proximity mines, TNT and timed mines. The TNT must be detonated with the good old plunger switch, but its really fun to use. The proximity mines must be handled with the physgun as a minor drawback. he timed mines just blow up after placed and activated. I am considering making it so the proxy mines must be activated too, which would eliminate the need for using the physgn to handle them.

As for level progress, some tweaks were added to the first level, and I did a couple runthroughs testing without my extra weapons and healths as most of the bugs have been eliminated. The other level came along vey well, with much of the layout now complete and detailing in a few more areas complete or near it.

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