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Now, the first level is complete minus a few additions I am considering adding, one being a percentage based score for each level at the end of the level that will display across the screen. I will upload some video of gamplay as soon as is possible, my internet access has drastically declined and now I must get something worthy. Also, new screens are coming. The second level was started and then scrapped a couple weeks into it. I didnt like what I had done and didnt see much worth keeping.

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Though the second level ended up scrapped, thats a good thing in my opinion. I am not going to put out crap that isnt decent looking or having fun gameplay. So, I began work on the 3rd level and I am VERY satisfed with the results; screens will be up asap though they may be in full bright as the level is only about 1/2 way through the layout phase. Some detatiling is done on certain rooms to develop the ambience Im looking for but as of yet, its mostly layout that has been completed.

Its back to the drawing board (literally) for stage 2 and 4 is slowly coming along in the planning.

Ive slacked off on the updates lately but that doesnt mean Im not working hard every day to create a fun HL2 Mod. After work and every weekend, thats what Im doing until I go to sleep. I am comitted to a quality Mod and will NOT rush things to get something out there. As with the second level, I will scrap as much time and effort as necessary to put out a good, fun Mod!

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