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Portal Flow: Fixed. Running on fast it takes 3 min and a few seconds to compile now. I closed up lots of empty spaces where you cant see or go and that cut out 4,000 portal areas. Another 2,000 were cut out by adding Area Portals in every doorway in all of the accessible buildings. Custom textures were added as well for some debris piles, and more work on the lighting was done although its far from complete. The Resistance safehouse was lightly detailed but its not complete yet either.

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Also, moew QC testing was done revealing a glitch in Lynnes missions, so thats slated to be fixed tomorrow. There are also a couple lighting glitches, (too many lights on a face) so that has to be worked out as well. The screens posted today are a bit brighter than what I want as well, so Im going to have to adjust the light environment again. Also Ill be adjusting the difficulty in some of the larger scripted sequences; its TOUGH in a couple spots because of the ambush tactices that the combine uses. I want this to be a good balance of ammo rationing and amount of enemies, not go all cheesy and make it hard just due to the ammo depervation. I also done want the player to act like theres just so much ammo who cares about accuracy too.

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