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Hegis' Grasp is now up to 60% off on Steam for a very limited time! Get it while you still can and get to play the newly released hardcore Survival Mode.

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Update Changelog:

Survival Mode
Added a whole new experience to the game.
Survive waves upon waves of enraged enemies and earn huge amount of Zruk coins to be able to afford items from the Cutthroat shop.
Includes 3 maps, each one with different settings, difficulties and enemy/weapon types:
- Hometown
- Dark 'n' Dead
- Undead Sanctum

  • Added a whole new Henry Monologue Intro at the start of the campaign.
  • As wished by many, the option to inverse mouse-look controls has been added to the options menu.
  • Optimized camera angles in the introduction cutscene
  • Completely new enemy type:
    Growther Wolf
  • New improved path-finding for enemies (They no longer get stuck on objects)
  • Vsync support: On by default (low, medium : every v blank, high, ulta: every second v blank)
  • Major improvements to the third and first person animations

    Other tweaks:
  • Bushes are no longer solid.
  • Reduced Growther health, but now they walk faster
  • Improved denser looking fog
  • Adjusted menu designs
  • Fixed mouse sensitivity saving
  • Renamed "9mm Ammunition" to "Handgun Ammunition"
  • You can no longer spam-use health stations, they run out after 2x usage
  • Optimized Splash Screen
  • Other minor bug fixes

screen dynamicscreen 1920x1080 2017 07 24 10 5Header Packagescreen 1920x1080 2017 07 13 12 5Start New Game Pic

Official Soundtrack:

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