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In this demo, there will be 3 stages all of them include Puzzle Mode and Blind Mode, Leaderboard for Blind Mode separated on each stage.

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Hi there. Finally we add a new playable Demo and it's nearly stable version. V 0.3.9.

In this version, there will be include :

  • Three stages (Niagara Hotel, 101 Apartment, John's House)
  • Leaderboard on Blind Mode
  • Some optimization and bug fixed
  • Add new resolution 1280 * 800

Full Stage

These features are planned to be added in the next version :

  • Pause game (Currently when you pressed that start button or Esc, you will be moved into Main Menu, but you can continue your last session. Load game not included on Blind Mode).
  • Loading Screen. This loading screen will show you the controller mapping, and a little description about the stage.
  • More and more stages.
For Windows :
Le Me Windows Demo v0.3.9

For Mac OSX :
Le Me Mac OSX Demo v0.3.9

For Linux :
Le Me Linux Demo v0.3.9

You can see the gameplay using this video that has been uploaded by Adolf Jackler (Thanks to him :D )

Warning ! : This video will contain big spoiler ! ! ! !

So, we call for Youtubers to play Le Me and streams to their subscribers! . Lol Just Kidding. We hope all of you can try it and give your feedback to us, so we can improve in the future development. While this version is live, we are currently try to make it stable since there will be a minor bug or glitch so you can get the best experiment while playing Le Me.

Hope you like it \[^_^]/
Thank you
ZonaDolan Team

Le Me Homepage

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