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I'm back from my 6 month hiatus, I started working on the mod again yesterday. Beginning changes off with brand new ArmorSets, each group of unit/building has its own 'type'. So it's a lot similar to RA2 style armor.

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ArmorSets (Increasing left-to-right):

  • Structures: Wood, Metal, Stone, Wall
  • Infantry: Scout (AKA Light), Infantry (AKA Standard), Medium, Heavy, Commando
  • Vehicles: Vehicle (AKA Unarmored), Miner, Armored, Tank, AdvancedTank, MVC
  • Aircraft: Aircraft (Yup, they all have the same armor. This might not stick, we'll see in the first wave of testing, but the only one that I could justify having different armor would maybe be things like Giga Fortress, Harbinger, etc (If I decide to add those, which I'm not a huge fan of so probably not).
  • Ships: Ship, Submarine, AdvancedShip

Today (or tomorrow) I will spend a bit of time actually giving the units and structures these ArmorSets (spent what little time I had yesterday creating them). I'm sure I'll have some issues with the fact I deleted all the others haha, so I might end up having to restore those for integrity purposes.


  1. Implement these ArmorSets across all units/structures.
  2. Play test the mod (myself & maybe with a friend); to see where the mod is at and where I want it to be.
  3. Design & Implement the changes determined from (Step 2).
  4. Finalize & Polish existing changes with a possible initial release.
  5. Consider the possibility for new units (though I highly doubt this one).
  6. Casually add changes from suggestions* and my own thoughts.

* - Keep in mind on the suggestions that I'm aiming for a unique experience, so don't be offended if I don't like your suggestion or choose not to use it, I would appreciate suggestions once I release the mod (or even before). Just keep in mind this isn't a balance mod!

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Okay, So I've worked on the mod a bit and there's a lot more changes I need to do to get it where I want it. I'm probably going to simplify the system a bit (normalize Health/Damages). It is definitely a unique experience at the moment, just not the unique experience I want it to be haha.

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