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Again, real life is just a pain in the buttocks man. x.x That and expanding my gaming horizions and the occasional streaming as well, and other stuff... I need to regain some steam for this, and at the same time I need to find some GFX artists badly. :( But yeah, updated again just in time for the Holidays. Enjoy :P

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=SINCE 5.21=
+ Weapon Bugfix: A critically annoying bug concerning the Shotgun randomly 'jamming' after switching characters was FINALLY fixed after having been around since the inception of the multi-character system. Hint to all future developers of mods like this, make sure the player struct called "random_club_frame" is reset to 0 upon switching characters. The problem was linked to having the shrinker/expander [or any weapon with a 'glowing' component] selected on one character and then switching straight to another character currently equipped with a Shotgun.
+ Jump Mechanics: Jumping is redone. No more sudden decceleration and reacceleration in midjump when jumping really high. Crouching and then jumping causes you to jump very low [the old system meant if you released crouch while in the middle of the jump you suddenly went from hugging the floor to launching into the air XD]. Also, air-jumps are now only 2/3s as powerful as a normal ground-launched jump. Crouching while falling will also SLIGHTLY increase a character's falling resistance to help reduce potential impact damage.
+ Display Bugfix: Fixed it where having undamaged SuperArmor would cause the description for damaged/used Super Armor to display in the inventory screen if you highlight it's blank spot holder
+ Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where invulnerable monsters can kill or affect a player by getting within range of one of their deployed Holoforms.
+ Feature Change: ATMs are changed. Cancelling from Deposits, Withdrawls and Wire Transfers go back to the options screen after an account login instead of completely logging the character out.
+ Feature Change: If you hold extra Duke3D-inventory items in your main inventory, you can press that item's respective button to give the current character one of that item if he/she is not currently carrying one directly already. [Applies to Portable Medikits, Holoforms, pairs of Night Vision Goggles, Jetpacks and Vitamin Xs]
+ Feature Change: Picking up a Duke3D-inventory item when the character has a partially depleted item of that kind in use, will instead put the item into the main inventory instead of refilling the partially-depleted item. [Applies to Portable Medikits, Holoforms, pairs of Night Vision Goggles, Scuba Tanks, pairs of Protective Boots, Jetpacks and Vitamin Xs]
+ Weapon Change: Pressing "4" will now cycle two firing modes for the chaingun, for those bitching at me they want the old chaingun back, you can now switch between bullets and rockets. :P
+ Displays: The weapons bar will show "4B"/"4R" and "5G"/"5S" to designate which mode of weapons 4 and 5 are current in use.
+ Worldtiles: A new set of 64 worldtiles have been added to the game's code, making up a total of 256 [from 19


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