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Ready to battle the hordes of deadly machines? Here's 5 useful tips on how you can slay all the different enemies in Rise of Humanity!

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Su's Mobile Mine is perfect for blowing up enemies in the distance

1. Avoid the crushing punches of Crushers

Slow but deadly is definitely a good way to describe these trademark enemies in Rise of Humanity. These massive human-crushing might take a while to approach you but when they do, they have no mercy. Watch out for their Double Punch cards – you can either run away, use your block cards or if you have Su on your team, try placing a deployable between yourself and this gigantic menace!

2. Get rid of the sneaky Drones first

Even though they are not injuring you directly and it may seem like it’s less of a priority to eliminate them first, it might be a good idea to get them out of the way before you take on the bigger enemies.

3. Kill two birds with one stone.

If you injure another enemy, it will trigger the drone to move closer in order to heal them. This is the moment when you can take your chance and attack them with an explosive weapon such as the grenade or the bunny.

4. Watch out for those Puppy reactions

When you spot that the puppy has used a reaction card (a little circle will appear next to its name), try playing a Quick Reflexes card before attacking it with a melee card. Why? Because it may have played a Strike back card, which will deal the same amount of damage to you as you deal the Puppy.

Extra tip: you may also want to be careful for the Bite cards of Puppies... Not only will they harm you but also make you bleed, which means you will be dealt damage even in the next turn.

5. Team up against the Smasher

Not only humongous but powerful as well, the first mini-boss in Rise of Humanity has some quite deadly cards up its sleeve. Just a few examples:

  • Its Double Punch will make your characters suffer two big strikes from this epic human-crushing robot.
  • With its Smasher Enrage card, it can also increase the amount of damage it deals to your heroes with melee attacks.
  • The deadliest card the Smasher can use is definitely the Hammer Slam though. This will not only hurt its enemies in a two hex area radius, but also push them away and make them bleed for the next turn.
  • The Smasher can also repair itself so even if you deal damage to it, chances are it’ll come back as good as new.

It’s better to have all your heroes against this colossus – unity is strength as they say! A good strategy is to disarm it with Memory so that it can’t hurt you, and when it’s your turn, start bombarding it with the most powerful attacks from all of your heroes!

Do you have any other tips in mind that helped you in the game? Let us know in the comments or join our Discord community to discuss the game!

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