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The 5th article for our upcoming game, "The Fisherman".

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Hello everyone!

It's time for another devlog for our upcoming game, "The Fisherman".

In this fifth article, we will look at the beginning of the programming of the second gameplay moment, which involves doing the typical tasks of Portuguese fishermen and exploring the story's main ship, the "Maria da Glória". Additionally, we will show some improvements we made to the 3D model of this main ship.

Programming (2nd gameplay moment) ⛵

In terms of programming for the 2nd moment, many of the mechanics we need will be based on those used in one of the games we have already developed, Trivela. In other words, we are going to reuse some of those mechanics, and improve the ones that are needed. This will help us save a lot of time in production.

We have also programmed a new dialog system, which will help a lot in the interaction that our character will have with the other fishermen inside the ship.

ezgif com video to gif 1 1

3D Model (improvements) -» "Maria da Glória" ⛵

After the initial ship blockout was ready, it was also time to start iterating on it a bit. We ended up seeing what its main problems were and started solving them.

Many of these problems had to do with the first-person perspective that we will be using at this moment in the game. Although the dimensions of the 3D model were at the actual scale of a ship used in the codfish fleets, when we ported the model to Unity and started trying it out in the engine, we saw that some aspects needed to change. We also ended up adding a bit more detail to the model.

image 8

image 11

image 10

image 9

That's it for this devlog!

Thank you for reading, and we hope you will continue with us on this adventure over the Nordic seas as a fisherman. Stay tuned for more updates!

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