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After lots of typing, I finally wrote the walkthrough for all major and minor quests in Imperial City in Desert Region.

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Quest 28 - Wild Kagouti in the Vivec Hlaalu Vaults - You need to return to the Monk Temple Catacombs, this time to see a vampire called Jak. You need the key from the floor or the table to unlock the door. Speak to the vampire (don't worry, he won't bite) and he'll tell you some sob story about his life. Then, he'll tell you to kill a wild kagouti in the Vivec Hlaalu Vaults.

There, just try to kill it. Be careful not to kill anyone essential. Loot its corpse if you want to, but be sure to remove the corpse. Quest completed!

Quest 29 - Save Desert Region - Jak will tell you to get the Spargus Fort deed to the Imperial Legion. Easy, go to Spargus Fort and go inside the Stage Room (where removed Quest 17 takes place). Take the deed and give it to Varus Vantinius in Ebonheart. Then, just simply report back to Jak. Quest completed!

Quest 30 - Imperial City: The Blue Heart (solved after Quest 32) - Now, speak to Alexy. He'll transport you to Imperial City, where is a supposed curse. After beating Quest 32, speak to Masha Jenkins in the Waistworks. She will give you the Blue Heart Bag. To get out of Imperial City, either use the Monk's Secondary Ring or use the trapdoor in the northern room of the Storage Area (you need levitation spells or potions though). Quest completed!

Quest 31 - The Two Pedestals - Speak to Pelena Curio in the storage area of Imperial City (you can access it through the Alchemist's store). She'll tell you that she needs two artifacts called the Jupiter Fury Shortsword and the Bowl of Fire.

To get the shortsword, go out of the room where Pelena Curio is and look on your left. In one of those containers, there is the shortsword. You can also find some Vintage Wine in another container.

To get the bowl however, it becomes a little complicated. Go to the southern room of the storage area and go through the trapdoor. Kill the dormouse and get the bowl of fire from the firepit. Then, give them both to Pelena Curio and she will give you a pass to the Canalworks. Quest completed!

Quest 32 - Baron Praxis - A parody of Jak 2. Talk to Baron Praxis in the Talos Plaza District's throne room and he'll tell you to speak to some Russians, while giving you a virtual pass to the Waistworks. Go back to the storage area and access the Waistworks.

Now, you can't access certain rooms yet like the Limeware Storage Area and the Enchanter's shop. Not until you finish the quest. Just speak to Masha and choose any of the two choices. Then, report back to Baron Praxis. Quest completed!

Quest 33 - Healing Love (optional) - A guy named Enver, who is close to Masha Jenkins in Imperial City, would ask you to ask a woman called Rachel out. Go to her shop in the Canalworks and choose the topic "Rachel". It's really 50-50 in this quest. She might say yes or maybe even no. If she says yes, Enver would give you lots of Gold. If she says no, Enver's disposition towards you would fall. Either way, you would complete the quest anyway. Quest completed!

Quest 34 - Smile! (optional) - In the Canalworks, there are two doors that can't be opened normally. There is a Laughing Door that can only be opened by "eating" a laughing mushroom in Seagull Mountain. However, you must beat Quest 38 to gain access to the two mushrooms. After you activate one of the laughing mushrooms, return to the door and you'll gain access to a room full of treasure. But you need to have collected all of the Old Keys to gain access to the chests. Quest completed!

Quest 35 - Cry Baby (optional) - Same as Quest 34 but it's a Crying Door instead. The crying mushrooms are in the same place as the laughing ones. And yes, you can eat both and access both doors in one go. But without a Healing Amulet, people in Imperial City won't talk to you. The amulet is found in the camp at Seagull Mountain, on top of the 10,000 year old chest. Quest completed!

Quest 36 - Seagull Mountain: Red Heart Bag - Go to Seagull Mountain in the Ashlands (Masha would have already marked it on your map). Go to the shrine on top of the huge rock and give it the seven pearls that Masha gave you. You'll receive the Red Heart Bag. Quest completed!

Quest 37 - Fire Caves: Green Heart Bag - Go inside the actual mountain, using the cavern door south of the shrine. You can't go through the northern door just yet. Talk to Tom the Mouse nearby and he'll give you the Green Heart Bag. Quest completed!

Quest 38 - Fire Caves - Go outside to Seagull Mountain's shrine. The Green Heart should be there. Activate it and it'll be gone. Quest completed!

Quest 39 - Tom's Pants (optional) - Speak to Tom the Mouse after destroying the Green Heart. He'll ask you to recover his pants for him. Just go through the northern door to the Maskari Camp and recover the pants from the bedroll. Return to Tom the Mouse for your 1,000 year old key. It'll be useful later on. Quest completed!

Quest 40 - Edie's Desire - Just speak to Edie in the Maskari Camp. Quest completed!

Quest 41 - Vos: Orange Heart Bag - Ride the raven until you reach north of Vos. Go there and talk to the man who is outside of the main gate. He'll give you the Orange Heart Bag. Quest completed!

Quest 42 - Vos: The Ruined Town - Ask Alexy to transport you back to Imperial City. I recommend using Mark and Recall spells here, in order to save time. The Orange Heart should be quite close to the northern door in the Talos Plaza District. If not, type in the console:

placeatpc "SC4_orange_heart00" 1,1,1

Quest completed!

Quest 43 - Temple District: Pink Heart Bag - Speak to Baron Praxis about transporting to the Temple District. Go to the Temple Shrine and kill the bandit there. If you don't have levitation, just type in tcl in the console to get out by collision walking. Turn it off when you are near the door. Quest completed!

Quest 44 - House of Moscow - Go to the House of Moscow and speak to the bandit. She'll give you a pass to the Underworks plus a Russia Ring (does nothing apparently). Quest completed!

Collect the two Precoursor Orbs in the room. You'll have 11 of them so far. Collect 4 more inside the containers close to the Temple Shrine. That's 15. Go to the northern door to get 12 more by finishing Quest 46.

At this point of the mod, getting Precoursor Orbs is a must if you want to open the Bonus Powered Door in Spargus Coastal Town. In this guide, I'll help you to get at least past the 1,000 orb mark and get the bonus 2,517 orbs (3,517 orbs in total). Now, there are a total of 53 bonus orbs that are not required to be collected but I won't mention absolutely all 3,580 of them.

Quest 45 - Maskari Jungle: Navy Blue Heart Bag - Type in the console:

Journal SC4_Bag6 10

After Quest 49, speak to Caius Cosades' ghost in the storage area in Imperial City (the same room as Pelena Curio). Quest completed!

Quest 46 - Weather Change - Go to the Combat Arena in the Temple District and activate the weather machine to receive 12 Precoursor Orbs. You should now have 27 of them. Quest completed!

Quest 47 - Boilerhouse Plate - Firstly, go to the Waistworks in Imperial City and get a Boilerhouse Plate from a 100 Year Old Chest on the top floor.

Then, go to Edie and tell her about the plate. She'll tell you to give it to Masha Jenkins in Imperial City. Take it to her and you'll receive a 10,000 Year Old Key. Quest completed!

Quest 48 - Temple District - While being in Fire Caves in Quest 46, you should have noticed the Pink Heart there. If not, type in the console:

placeatpc SC4_pink_heart00 1,1,1

Quest completed!

Quest 49 - Masha's Sneaking - Speak to Masha after Quest 46. She'll teleport to her quarters. Go there yourself. It should be on the top floor of the Waistworks.

When you are in her quarters, speak to her and say goodbye. Speak to her again and slap her in the face (chosen through dialogue). Near you, there should be Caius' ashes in a container. Activate it. In a nearby barrel, there are 15 Precoursor Orbs (you should now have 42 Precoursor Orbs) Quest completed!

Quest 50 - Caius Cosades in the empire (optional) - Surprisingly enough, you'll still see Caius in his quarters in the Imperial City Canalworks, even after Quest 49. Speak to him and he'll mention a Skooma Storage on the other side of town. Go to the Canalworks opposite you and enter the Skooma Storage. Caius has already escaped from his quarters. Quest completed!

Quest 51 - Maskari Jungle - Go to the Underworks (accessed by the Canalworks) and find the door to the Sacred Shrine. Destroy the Navy Blue Heart there. Quest completed!

Quest 52 - Grand Sewer: Yellow Heart Bag - This is the last heart to destroy. Firstly, loot the scamp corpse in the Sacred Shrine. He holds a note and a Million Year Old Key.

Then, go to the Enchanter's shop on the top floor of the Waistworks and enter the trapdoor. However, you need lots of water breathing spells or potions with you to reach the end of the flooded sewer. Quickly kill the Bluefish and hurry to get out of the sewer. Quest completed!

Quest 53 - Grand Sewer - The Yellow Heart is found on a floating raft outside the Sacred Shrine in the Underworks. Quest completed!

Quest 54 - Imperial City - The Blue Heart is found in the Grand Sewer, next to the already dead Bluefish. Quest completed!

Quest 55 - Red Hidden Powers (recommended) - Baron Praxis will inform you of a jewel somewhere in Imperial City. It's in the Limeware Storage Area, as citizens of the city tell you. In order to receive the jewel, your Destruction skill must be 100. I highly recommend to get this jewel as it will help you to defeat higher level enemies. It's also recommended to ask Uncle Alexy for an upgrade for the jewel as well, for a high price. Quest completed!

Quest 56 - Green Hidden Powers (recommended) - This jewel is in Seagull Mountain. For you to receive the jewel, your Illusion skill must be 100. I also recommend for you to get this as some Precoursor Orbs are in hard-to-reach places. Quest completed!

Quest 57 - Seagull Mountain - The Red Heart is found in Rachel's store in Imperial City. Quest completed!

Quest 58 - The 8th Heart? - After sealing all 7 Hearts, you'll be asked to see a friend near the Ram Manor in Desert Region. It is on one of the northwestern islands visible on the actual map. Speak to the guy and he'll give you a pearl. Speak to him again if you want to know more about Desert Region itself. Quest completed!

Quest 59 - Rachel's Washing (optional) - Speak to Rachel in the Canalworks. She'll ask you to fetch her washing from the other side of town.

Go to where the laughing and crying doors are and fetch the washing from the cloth sack nearby. Return to Rachel and she'll give you her robe and some gold. Afterwards, she'll be gone. Quest completed!

Quest 60 - Ladia's Lost Robe (optional) - Speak to Ladia the clothier in her shop in the Canalworks. She will tell you about her lost robe in Imperial City. Agree to find it for her and go to the Old Entrance to Haven City on the top level in the Waistworks. The robe should be near the entrance door.

Return to Ladia and she'll give you 50 Gold. Quest completed!

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