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Version 2.01 has been released on moddb. For details see the changelog below.

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Features A (effect gameplay)

  • general changes
    • muzzle velocities of nearly all weapons have been increased a lot
    • movement and animation speeds of big units like Siege Assault Bots have been reduced
    • turn rates of most units have been decreased
    • ships move much more like real ships
    • all units regenerate slowly, while cybran units regenerate 4 times faster
    • most units do little damage when destroyed
    • trees dont disappear anymore (only if reclaimed)
    • most Aeon turrets can pop up and take less damage while deactivated
    • damage decreases from the center of the explosion
  • new units
    • there are a lot of completely new designed and textured units
    • for a detailed list of all Units check the "New Units" site on the official homepage
  • balance changes
    • the whole balancing has been changed
    • all units are usefull over the whole length of the game
    • many tweaks were made to make units more different
    • (for FA only) air units have much lower Health values like in vanilla SC
    • Quantum gates need 1000 energy for upkeep

    Features B (dont effect gameplay)

  • grafical changes
    • explosions have been improved and look much better
    • a lot projectiles have been changed/improved
    • tarmacs of aeons and cybrans have been replaced by uef style tarmacs in different brightnesses
    • tarmacs of all races have been enlarged
    • ships sink much slower
    • all trees on all maps have been increased
    • trees burn with bigger flames
    • splat marks have been added to some weapons
    • splat marks stay much longer before they disappear
    • some unit sizes have been changed
  • AI support (FA only)
    • the newest Sorian AI builds the new custom units
  • Bug fixing
    • a lot of bugs have been fixed
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