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Hello! Today we're gonna talk about the mechanic of our map skill-tree and it's different proposed designs.

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Level up for your map

Dev Diary 45


In the last developer's diary entry, we mentioned that our programmer is working on the map functionality. Well, that is still true. Meanwhile, we’ve decided to show you some of the functionality in theory and with pretty art support. We’ll focus on the map upgrade system.

As you may have already learned (here, here or here), when you collect the missing statue heads in levels, you can get some upgrades. These upgrades are related mostly to the map navigation. With each collected head, you move by one point in the “map skill-tree”, The yellow points indicate moving forward and the blue ones give you an upgrade.

Yellow and blue points on the map skill-tree
Map skill-tree

The obtainable upgrades are: a map, a compass, mini teleport, teleport and tracking statue heads. And when you collect all the possible statue heads, you will gain access to a secret level. We’ll tell you more about these updates when the programming part is finished, so you can see it on video.

Currently, we have multiple designs for the map skill-tree, as can be seen in the picture below. We’re choosing the best one. Which one do you like the best?

Map skill-tree designsMap skill-tree designs 1-4

Map skill-tree designs 5-8

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