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Hey guys, I am happy to say that 42 Orbs is now available for download on the Apple appstore.

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42 Orbs is now available to download, the game is a one time payment upfront of $1.99.

Game Synopsis

Forty-two orbs have strayed from the light, each going in a different direction. You’ve been assigned to guide them back. To do so, once shown an orb, tap nearby to set its launch angle and speed, adjusting in an attempt to avoid every obstacle as you send the orb toward and into the light. Only upon full completion of the task, i.e., saving all 42 orbs, will your result appear on the leaderboard.

Very Hard level

How to play

Simply tap in the direction you need the orb to move, basing the calculation on a bouncing motion. Optionally, swipe during the initial setup to view and change the power level.

Red, red, white

Everything red shatters the orbs, therefore, you’ll want to prevent colliding with said coloured objects, which become more abundant and voluminous, on the way to the comforting white light.

Try, try again

You will fail, and likely often. Even masters make mistakes sometimes. However, it’s by making mistakes that we strive to improve and ultimately succeed in an ideal performance.

Gameplay gif

I hope you guys enjoy it.



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