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These tutorials show how to deal with many things such as physics and behaviors.

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Hey Moddb! iDiedByCyanide here!
So to the people here i want to show you how easy it is to use 3DVia Studio.
I followed about 7 tutorials and now its easy for me to make a simple game now.

Ok, if you haven't already, sign up at 3Dvia here:

You might need to for the video tutorials, some features in the engine use your account.

The tutorials are really basic, like how to use schematic layouts (Building Blocks) and how to set up physics features.

Ok, ok...I should quit talking and let you watch them yourselves~

The video tutorials are right here!:

And heres some extra for you when your done:

By the way, i'm still debating whether or not to make my own tutorial series! Comment below on what i should do.


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