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General updates on 3D models and how this mod is going to run

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In this blog I'm going to write about a couple of things regarding the technology behind Project Legacy. Most of this stuff will make more sense if you hav experience with Doom modding.

Like I've mentioned before, this mod runs exclusively on GZDoom and with a map format known as UDMF, which is probably the most advanced Doom map format there is. So using ZDoom or other software-based ports is out of the question. This will run with the latest version of GZDoom, and perhaps Zandronum (I will have to test this later on though). This lets me use a number of advanced features.

One of these features is 3D models. We're going to use 3D models mostly for static objects. This will ensure that the entire game will have a 3D feel and look like a 'realistic' envirement. We've made progress with this feature, and as you can see in the gallery I already posted two screenshots of the models I'm making. Other then that, Project Legacy will also employ (high quality) sprites. We could just do everything with models, but I don't think some of the ghosts and other things that you will be encountering in this game will strictly require models.

Aside from that, using sprites will also make the game less of a resourcehog, because even though it sounds crazy to think that a game-engine that was originally designed 20 years ago can lag, trust me that GZDoom can have performance issues if you put too much stuff on the screen. The fact that the Doom engine still uses BSP also doesn't exactly help performance-wise. But if I would have to make a performance comparison with another GZDoom mod that has the same sort of resources, I would say Paranoid. So if you can run Paranoid, your computer will run Project Legacy fine.

I would also like to add that I intend to make Project Legacy stand-alone. It is still a PWAD, but there are several ways around this. Either people can use FreeDoom which replaces the Doom2 IWAD that is otherwise required to play, or make a fake IWAD. The last option seems the best to me, but truthfully its too early to tell. Just know that I do create this mod with stand alone capability in mind.

So in conclusion, we're working on implementing 3D models and sprites right now, and I've also some minor work on dynamic audio. Look back for more details on Project Legacy!

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