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3.6 Change Log Adds on to previous change logs which can be found at the main site.

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3.6 Change Log

(I will do this by roles)

All tanks power has been upped so only two shots can now destroy an a APC.

USA and NATO special ability round name has been changed to Kinetic Energy Penetrator and has had its splash damage removed and speed upped.

USSR's special ability round name has been changed to 3BM-46 and the reload time the same as USA and NATO and is half the power.

APC's main gun is now more powerful and more accurate.

All helicopters except for the medium's fly like the heavy attack helicopters.

Medium AA for USSR is now more accurate.

Nothing changed.

New flare effects(screen shots to come).

USA heavy arty special ability has a new hiteffect.

MOAB hiteffect is smaller.

Heavy attack helicopters special ability missile has a new trail and hiteffects.

That is all. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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