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Let's discover the Fishing Rod, which can be used for many other things than fishing: Grabbing objects and crazy jumps!

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Let's discover my favourite weapon in 3571 The Game so far: the Fishing Rod! I spent long nights on c# coding to make it more than a simple fish-catcher. A new development video will present you the Fishing Rod in action! Let's go fishing!

Function #1: Fishing

Of course, the main function of the Fishing Rod is to catch fishes. So if you find a small fish hanging around, you can aim at it and shoot it with the Rod. You can then take the dead fish back to you and eat it to avoid starvation.

Function #2: Grabbing

I decided then to add more functionality to the Fishing Rod and I thought: what could I do stupid with a fishing rod? I could catch every object I need without getting off of my sofa! So I added a grabbing hook function to the rod so that you can catch items or objects that are out of reach.

Function #3: Hook jumping

The most fun of all: you can jump everywhere and move faster using your Rod like a hook on buildings! Once it collides a wall, your character will get some serious speed according to your distance with the impact. I had to activate and desactivate the Unity Character Collider at runtime in order to add a rigidbody for realistic physics, according to the player's speed.

I can't wait to have player's feedback about the fishing rod, as I am very proud of it. I think it makes the gameplay very particular, like all small details.Thanks for reading and see you in the future!

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