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See how 3571 The Game have changed since 2012 and watch exclusive new footage of Version 0.60 available on Steam in early access very soon!

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A lot of work have been done so far... And I'm still not bored! The game is now quite exactly how I imagined it 5 years ago! But I have new ideas to add to reach the final version... Watch this exclusive history timeline video of 3571 The Game to discover how the game evolved!

5 Years of development in one minute and a half

I feel both confident and very nervous as the deadline approaches. I will need time to manage all the bugs I couldn't find by myself in January. I hope you'll enjoy the particular feel in the gameplay I spent so much time on. What I tried to do with this game, is to treat my C# coding and game engine choices with the same personal artistic touch I put in my design, characters, 3D models and music. What would you like first for the next video? An official early access gameplay trailer or the first minutes of gameplay in realtime?

Thanks for reading and see you very, very soon!

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