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Hoping to get some updated server before client installer is released.

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Version 3.5 is finally here! To complete this effort, now we need some updated servers online before client installers are released, so we are seeking your collaboration.

Here follows important info for server administrators: our newest release only supports 20 slots max, 16 is recommended though. Max server ticks are limited to 66 due stability issues, this is strictly related to Source engine. This is still a Windows/Linux compatible mod, of course. In case you are updating, please use the new server.cfg provided, it comes with many new configuration variables. Also bear in mind old maps like fof_desert, peligro_lite or eliminator_lite are no longer included, so they shouldn't be put into rotation in any case.

3.5, kicking where it hurts!

- Not 'beta' anymore due completion status reached
- New fully dual wield gun system. Combine any pair of handguns, up to 36 different combos!
- New hand guns added: Colt Walker, Smith&Wesson Model 3 'Schofield' and Sawed off Winchester rifle 'Mare's Leg'
- New hybrid game mode: FPS + NPC management on 3 different scenarios: team vs, co-op and survival
- New map: Railhouse by Yester, final design/polish by R_Yell
- Classic Few Dollars More returns with some changes. Way more balanced and thrilling than before.
- Large performance gains due better player/NPC model LOD optimization and texture usage
- Level enhancement: gameplay, performance and navigation optimizations in El Paso, Presidio, Desperados, Peligro and Robert Lee
- AI redone: less robotic, more challenging and fun, better automatic skill control, important glitches fixed like quick shooting or ghost hits, improved performance
- Enemy Awareness: know who are your deadliest opponents during the game. Includes an innovative player highlight system and freeze camera.
- New FX's: gun smoke trails and DoF like post-process shader
- Improved free aim revolver
- Many bugs/glitches/exploits fixed

R_Yell Author

May take some time until files are authed, hope not too much.

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awesome ,looking forward to play this!

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Your favourite feature: The Horse :D . The AI puts up a good fight now.

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yeah really nice !

I dont have a Server but the good ol' Yester maybe updates his now :-)

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I can't verify myself, but it is supposedly updated & running now :)

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R_Yell Author

Update: a bug found in the meant to be released files added some delay. Sorry for that. They should be up today if nothing else happens (crossing fingers).

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