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3.31 version brings us some changes and small hotfix!

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- Worker: reduced HP from 65 to 60
- Werewolf: reduced HP regenration rate from 1,4 HP / sec to 0,9 HP / sec
- Castle: reduced armor from 2 to 1
- Dragons Lair: reduced armor from 2 to 1; reduced HP from 700 to 600
- Barracks: reduced armor from 2 to 1
- Black Powder Upgrade: reduced research duration from 80 to 50 sec; reduced cost from 150 to 100 gold
- there should be a small chance that the unranked games counter might work this time
- fixed a bug where Workers with auto repair would not repair Catapults / Ballistae
- lcg: fixed and resetted stats; added ranks; playing lcg doesnt cost gold anymore

- added a new tab: "Player Settings"; here users can define which player slots will be usable and preset computer players or preset teams for specific slots
- added new ground tiles
- placed tiles now should appear exactly where the preview image was. This way it should be way easier now to place for example ground tiles at a pixel-specific position


- fixed ranked match searching
- fixed a bug where players were not displayed correctly in a game lobby

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