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Version 3.23 is out! Read the changelog for details.

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Patch 3.23 RC3
-Fixed several small issues with the fleet battle mode.
-Added random music! The game's music now matches the game era, and also will play tracks during the course of the game.
-Slightly increased range of most beams to bring them in line with other weapons.

Patch 3.23 RC2
-Changed many UI elements to increase clarity.
-Destroyer medium/slashing beam cannons are now listed and are destroyable subsystems.
-Change interceptor attack style against bombs to make them more reliable.
-Stiletto II missiles now have massively increased range and do more subsystem damage. They can now be shot down by interceptors.
-Increased build time for turrets
-GVD Hatshepsut model has been updated with proper weapon loadout.
-Shivan Heavy Laser was not firing-fixed.
-Fixed Flak able to shoot down bombs (not intended behavior)
-EMP missile graphically enhanced. EMP shockwave destroys bombs.
-Tauret weapon loadout altered.
-Altered and refined Shivan primary weapon sets to make them fufill the role of the ship more strongly.
-Re-made all bombs and missiles and gave them slightly stronger NLIPS values.
-Altered appearance of many turret weapons.
-Added researchable bombs to FS1 era, cleaned up techtrees and tech descriptions, and fixed FS1 discrepancies.
-Cluster bombs are now a triggerable weapon. Press "Z" and drag over the target to fire.
-FS1 Special primary weapons are now researchable.
-EMP missile research cost significantly increased.
-Decreased research cost and time of Cruiser design. Increased health of Aten and Cain cruisers in both eras.
-Corvette health decreased by 12%. Corvettes no longer have a nav subsystem.
-Fighter and Bomber sensor ranges increased slightly. Cruiser sensor ranges increased slightly.

Patch 3.23 RC1
-Increased Resource drop-off HP by 50%
-Fighter weapons and turrets now have slight inaccuracy against resource collectors.
-Bomber costs re-aligned using curring costing metric. Strike bombers will now prioritize killing subsystems automatically.
-FS1 Ursa base HP fixed.
-Destroyer subsystems have been re-worked to enhance intended gameplay features. Many subsystems now take considerably longer to construct. Secondary fighterbays have been removed.
-SD Demon top beam firing arc fixed.
-Fixed EMP to have more consistent effects to capital ships.
-Added subsystems to corvette class ships.
-Changed cloaking tech. Reduced in cost and time to research. Stealth fighters now passively are harder to detect.
-All stealth fighters have added Stiletto II missiles and rapid-fire mekhu/subach.
-Loki now has proper stealth capabilities. Loki weapon loadout altered.
-Loki EMP upgrade removed. Added Zeus Afterburner upgrade.
-AWACS researches have been simplified as part of stealth changes.
-AI has been tweaked to improve performance.
-Added Lamprey and Morning Star lasers. Lamprey does slight EMP damage to fighters and bombers. Morning star is a Kinetic weapon that knocks enemies around.
-Added Infyrno bomb and Circe laser. The Infyrno is a cluster munition effective against strike craft and cruisers. The Circe is a dedicated anti-fighter laser.
-Interceptors should now really be able to shoot down bombs. Range of bombs has been increased to emphasize interceptor role.
-Added custom voices for support ships.
-Slight changes to some ship weapon loadouts.
-Cleaned/enhanced models to reduce memory requirements significantly.

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