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Hi Wikingers: This hotfix is to fix a small bug and add some stuff...

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Hi Wikingers:

This hotfix is to fix a small bug and add some stuff...

  • Fixed Panther Ausf A Wehrmacht Mechanized requirements
  • Tiger APCR Waffen & Wehrmacht : Removed APCR shot for Tiger and added a timed ability. Basically the target ability is not totally fixed so we decided to do it timed and maintain the "one shot" and increase the price from 50 to 75 ammo.
  • Tiger Long shot: Increased minimun range from 15 to 45 to avoid abuse.
  • HEAT rounds are still not completely fixed regarding double shots but are 50% fixed.
  • Fixed ISU-152 barrage txt
  • Fixed some txt bugs in the fallschirmjager unit
  • 120 mm mortars Auto attack mode: Increase the aim times from 1 to 5 seconds. The ROF will be increased to prevent abuse on PvP games.
  • Added ammo cost to Bunker Mortar 120mm barrage. Now cost 50 ammo.
  • 75 mm pack howitzer & Leig infantry gun auto attack mode: Increased the aim times from 0 to 3. The ROF will be increased to prevent abuse on Pvp games.
  • Replaced the bugged critical "gunner injured" with "loader injured". The bugged one did not dissapear after repair. The new one works properly and disappears after full repair.
  • Increase the ZIS 3 gun ammo cost from 45 to 50 ammo.
  • Infantry death critical: Wikinger had old critical values related to the death animation of infantry. Most of the time a simple grenade burns the infantry. We are on the way to correct that for the next patch. Factions fixed:

a. British Commonwealth Fixed !

b. Wehrmacht Fixed !

c. Waffen Fixed !

d. AEF Fixed !

c. Soviet Fixed !

  • Moved Katyusha to Armored Guard
  • Rework some vehicles prices:

a. M7B1 Priest: 635 mp/85 fuel/80 ammo

b. Sherman: 105mm 690 mp/90 fuel/85 ammo

c. Calliope: 505 mp/65 fuel/60 ammo

d. Scott: 560 mp/75 fuel/65 ammo

e. Sexton: 620 mp/85 fuel/80 ammo

f. Land Mattress 490 mp/20 fuel/60 ammo

g. Churchill MK VIII howitzer: 535 mp/70 fuel/65 ammo

h. Walking stuka: 635 mp/80 fuel/75 ammo

i. Panzerwerfer 42: 485 mp/65 fuel/60 ammo

j. Katyusha: 530 mp/70 fuel/ 65 ammo

k. Su-76: 395 mp/40 fuel/ 0 ammo. This vehicle pay 50 ammo upgrade to have indirect fire.

  • Fixed flamethrower explode critical. Now works in the follow way:

a. Infantry who carry flamethrowers will have 25% chance to explode when enemy shot them.

b. I removed squad memeber limitations then flamethrower will explode even with squad with full memembers.

  • Blocked M7B1 Priest. This unit will be available when the AEF artillery rework will be finish. Player will be able to see the unit if select artillery doctrine but will be not able to build it.

We will see you all soon with patch 3.1.7 - Eisener Wille!

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