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Modular ground bases, commando squads, corvette overhauls and a lot more!

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New Additions:

-The Republic and CIS gain access to the Modular Ground Base system! It's nothing fancy right now, with both utilizing placeholder assets, but it's a huge step in getting ground combat fleshed out and better organized. You’ll finally need to make hard choices of where you’ll build your economy worlds vs your military outposts. Your starting capital worlds also take on greater importance, as they don’t require these structures to build the full suite of units.

-The Republic Hardliners now have access to the elite, specially bred Clone Troopers known as the Clone Commandos. These special forces units are deployed throughout the galaxy on infiltration and assassination missions. In game, they're notable for their useful suite of abilities and supporting role. They're accompanied by scout units and LAATs, which serve a useful supporting role for them.

Thanks to Kasderan/Neidhart for these awesome units and abilities, he's a real genius. Additional credits for the asset belong to Clonetrooper163, who's been an absolute titan of the field in terms of ground units.

-Expensive and requiring an Advanced Factory, the BX Commando droid is a lethal addition to the Separatist Holdouts ground forces. They function as generic hero teams that are broken down into specific roles, all featuring a suite of abilities. They’re accompanied by STAPs, special transport MAFs and Droidekas.

Credit once again goes to Kasderan and Clonetrooper163

-Kick back and put your feet up with the Sandbox GC. You start with all your heroes, permanent galactic wide vision, a million in cold hard cash and the watchful eye of Uncle Jack to pad your wallet even further. Previously I used this as a testing GC, but figured some people may enjoy it based on the amount of requests I get for Cheat mods.

Major Changes:
-Get ready for the first phase of the Corvette specialization initiative!
The Geonosian Cruiser becomes a precision, long ranged strikecraft killer thanks to a new directed energy weapon on its bow. Its firing arc is mildly narrow, so positioning matters, but it can chew up enemy aircraft at extreme distances. Be mindful of its minimum firing distance, which can be mitigated by deploying some Triremes (and eventually Diamond classes when they’re added in) at the front of a fleet.

The Republic, meanwhile, has changes on multiple fronts.
The Arquitens is further refined to specialize on anti-corvette and anti-gunship warfare. This is accomplished by dropping 2 (of 4) of its general usage Concussion missiles for longer ranged, faster HCM-4s that are only capable of targeting its intended prey. However, that still left a major gap in Republic Antifighter coverage. This has been temporarily filled by giving the Republic access to the Imperial Lancer-class, available at all Imperial and Republic worlds. Lancers received a mild weapons boost (5%) across the board in an attempt to get them to be a little more useful. Both the Republic and the Empire benefit from these changes.

-The Dreadnaught has been broken down into Refit and Export versions.

The Refit Dreadnaughts gain access to Tractor beams and swap two of their single Turbos for Single Heavy Ions Cannons, able to chew through thick shields when used in groups. All Major factions and Clone Wars factions gain access to it at Republic shipyard worlds.

The Dreadnaught (Export version) is the vanilla Remake loadout that we all know and (mostly) love. Generic pirate Dreadnaughts lose access to their fighter support, though the rest of the non-Clone Wars Minor Factions still preserve theirs.

Thanks to Niko for making this variant and providing discussion and hardpoints for it!

Minor Changes:
-The Condor has received a nerf. These changes include a) capping the number of units affected by its AOE explosion at 5, b) lowering its explosion range and damage, c) health lowered and d) max speed now lowered. So long, OP as hell Condor: I barely knew yee.
-Unlocked MTCs from planet restrictions for CIS and Republic
-Upped unit cap on Consular from 15 to 25
-Arc-170 Republic unit cap increased to 15 squadrons
-Capped the Hutt Cartel AI to 45 of the Interceptor V
-Changed the Invincible dreadnaught to 12 population and slightly raised price in Skirmish (12k -> 14k)
-Changed Republic Capital Worlds garrisons since it was still using primarily Imperial units
-Auto resolve adjustments to try take the edge off the worst of its affects for larger ships. Keep an eye out for how it plays and report back to me!

Minor Fixes:
-Fixed the CSA's SPMAT not having the right affiliation (it's why the Siege regiment appeared twice for the Republic)
-Fixed bug/oversight where Outposts couldn't be built on Tatooine
-Fixed V-19 Squadron to display the correct string

Kharak - - 741 comments

Healthy patch, keep up the great work!

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Holybeast - - 354 comments

Definitely one of the best sub mods for the remake mod keep it up!

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