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Sorry for no posting for a long. I added some things since the last time :)

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Well, first sorry for no posting for a long time I was really busy. I tried to fix some things but I didn't find how to add new ammo because it always tell me DC15a has no ammo for example.

Anyways i added new things since last time and now we have 2 working SP maps :D (with no voices for the moment) This is the second mission (a briefing mission) and the second Viper training. I sent the first training to my friend ; he will add AI script.

And as you probably see, I released the first version of Clone Textures but of course it's already an old version because I added new skins a few second after the release.

In next release, I'll add all my work except the maps for the moment so you could use the skins or whatever you want except the weapons maybe because it doesn't really work for the moment :/

Anyways, I hope you'll appreciate the first release even if it's only a skin pack ;)

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