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I am glad to announce to the world that v1.3 is set for release tomorrow. This version will fix the bugs you reported. It will also provide huge balanced gameplay. For now there are three new features: Death, Tourney & Guild.

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Update I: Kill noble Lords permanently

'Since many new lords are added in v1.3, I have extended the options when talking to prisoners. You can sentence some stinky peasants to death, because they attacked you. You can even sentence noble Lords to death! And if you're really cruel, vanish sovereigns from Earth!'

* Ability to persuade prisoners to join you directly
* Ability to set them free
* Ability to murder regular prisoners
* Ability to taunt nobles
* Ability to let nobles go, with a gain to honor and relation
* Ability to kill nobles permanently
* Ability to kill Kings permanently!
* Succession script, Lord with best stats becomes King

This is OSP from Mordachai, thank you very much! Oh by the way if you decide to kill every lord in Calradia, it's your own risk becoming the last man.

Update II: New enhanced tournaments look

"I am sure you are going to love this!"

- New heraldic armour
- New weapons and helmets
- Coloured lances
- Heraldic horses
- New scenes with new props

Update III: Guild

"Based on The Guild 2, I have exended the guild feature. Now you will climb up from apprentice to master in the correct manner."

* Guild added with Guildmaster and guildmembers
* Up to 4 different scenes for Guildhall
* Donate to Guildmaster for new, better residence and get Prestige Points
* Other members donate as well, over time there will be enough funds
* Ask for apprenticeship and create a masterpiece to be allowed to join the Guild
* Every day you work as apprentice, increases chance of making a masterpiece
* Sell your created masterpiece for money
* Upon completing apprenticeship, you become craftsman (social class)
* New options for enterprise management:
* Buy improvements to reduce bad events
* Hire/fire more workers
* Bad/lucrative events
* Efficiency costs

Keep an eye on this subboard for actual information and help:


I was waiting for a sequel game to The Guild 2, but this way better

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Hi, I have two questions, one is this new update save game compatible, and can you explain more about the guild system please.

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Quintillius Author

No update is savegame compatible. Only hotfixes are, for Nova Aetas.

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I have been playing 1.21, and look forward to the 1.3 updates and the bug fixes.
Many thanks for the hard work, this looks like it is going o be a memorable and fun Mod, :)

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