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More coding updates. NPCs incorporated and working.

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So just a small update on the coding side of the house. Got some help from the guys over at TWHL and have successfully pulled Otis, as well as both the guard and soldier zombie (the regular one, not the gib chucking Gonome) variants from Opposing Force into a new dll file. Now that I know how to do it I may pull a couple more NPCs from Opposing Force in the mod. Nothing too crazy, don't want to overwhelm the NPC pool.

As such this also means a new FGD was created for Hammer. I pulled what I want into that - we'll see what survives and makes into the hard code and available in game.

So for a quick recap the mod has one weapon with a slightly increased magazine, Otis, zombie guards, and zombie soldiers. For Otis I'll have to go through his sounds and pull all the ones where he addresses the player as "Adrian", "Shepard", "Soldier", and anything else of the like.

That's all for today.


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