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There are so many changes in the new 0.91 release of 2x0ng, I needed a whole article to fit the news in.

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This version 0.91 of 2x0ng is virtually feature-complete, and includes many new features and enhancements---many of which were suggested during extensive playtesting by myself, my older brother Jack, and several pals on IRC.

The waypoint indicator has been made more useful, appearing more often and for a bit longer.

Now certain enemies are designated as Bosses, and must be eliminated before the exit to the next level will open.

Some other important bugfixes and adjustments make this release of 2x0ng a smoother ride. First up, I've now fixed the slight jitter on the player sprite while scrolling, and smoothed the player's animation in general.

Level design on four-color maps has been tightened up, with empty space now kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the bouncing Squareball has been tweaked a bit to make tunneling behavior easier.

And tunnel you must---in the new Boss zone on level 18! In addition you will need to shield yourself using the new moving blue paddles and the rest of the environment, as level 18 dumps your character into the
ultimate Breakout boss battle against two reactors spewing bullet waves.

In the audio department, we have several new remixes added to the soundtrack, as well as some changes to sound effects.

See the updated Help screen (on the F1 key) as well. I've decided to keep my orange XFace icon (the pixelized headshot of me) on the help screen, as I feel that it adds a personal touch.

I hope you enjoy playing 2x0ng. Here are the download links, for Windows and Linux (mac version still in preparation:)

2x0ng 0.91 for Windows:

2x0ng 0.91 for Linux:

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