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Somehow the UDamage and Invisibility pickups did not replace so i made a new version with the small change back to the original UT variants - look under addons!

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pure gameplay with seven new weapons

which replace a few boring ones!!!

Files: TuRboWeAPonsRmx2k4v02.u + into folder System.

Weapons compilation for Unreal Tournament 99

by Kaal979 and the many actual converters and creators

like BlackCheetah or HolgerHucke - great thanks

for your awesome works guys n gals!

Very special thanks also for their insane geniouses

from EPIC back in the days - good luck with the UT4.

The weapons designs cover both classic and scifi themes

in a new way and the gameplay superbly supports high skilling.

Consider that you best have the old UT BonusPacks 1 2 3 and 4

+ installed though its not necessary!

Im also recommending to find great skin packages like e.g.

UT Cyborgs or the UT Anime Pack to enhance the experience.

But be warned to better not trust so called render DLL updates

from third party developers - be sure to have the originals at hand!

In case the "Black Hand" appears somehow in your game - dont worry

- normally playing abit with brightness setting should solve this.

Now dear reader expect to experience an all new UT

with this mutator - entering the cyberpunked

actionloaded 51st state of the peoples arenas.

Since the actual net compatibility wasnt tested yet

im inviting admins to try and maybe also edit the file

to their requirements but dont forget to also enable

a unique new name.

By the way the entire package was simply compiled by trying

to mylevel importing and exporting the chosen weapons this way:

Copy-pasted with ctrl+c and ctrl+v following

commands in the UEds log window:

obj load file=TuRboWeAPonsRmx2k4v02.u package=MyLevel

obj savepackage package=mylevel file=TuRboWeAPonsRmx2k4v02.u

- also a good way to look into actor scripts

and try to copy and convert them if necessary.

Feel free to donate me via Paypal:

Have Fun!!!

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