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A short information about our current mods, and some unauthorized download sources

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First of all I'd like to warn people from downloading SMOD: Crylife from other websites than ModDB,
Googling SMOD: Crylife gave me a list of available downloads that are named SMOD: Crylife : Episode Two and similar, most of them are posted by user named Muffin.

I'd like to officially state that those files are not uploaded by me or anyone else from Dev.Muffin.

We only provide a mirror when it's necessary for some users to download mod or patch,
the mirror is usually posted in download comments (by Pepsifan04 or Deathshimort)
or in download information.
We're not responsible for any other links and file mirrors over the internet, and If in some bizarre case we'll mirror our files, the official statement will be posted on

Now, the second thing:
Currently we're focused on making Project: 404 , even if there's no updates on the mod site, we're making progress, big progress.
The reason I'm writing this here, it's because Pr:404 is our main mod right now,
and due to that SMOD: Crylife will receive updates less frequently (if any),
However, an update is planned in near the future to add requested features, and fix some stuff,
current dev version is 1.6.2, and if you wish to test it, contact us via e-mail or use our board at

And this brings me to the third point:
Thanks to Biz, SMOD: Crylife now have a separate board which you can use to contact us, post suggestions, bugs and your mod-related problems.
You can check there "latest" updates (dev./unreleased), find solution to your problems and many other which I can't think of right now,
and now I'll write anything to make this sentence look longer and more interesting :)

Thank you all and have a good time playing SMOD:Crylife


Thanks for the head's-up, and cool.


I look forward to Project 404.

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