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Just a small update on the recent changes made to the mod.

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Update - 26/05/2020

Hi there all.

this updates introduces some small changes to some units along with adding a new "buff" unit into the game for the tribal factions.

all available in the urrent build on steam

Now have acess to Pilum on charge and also can use testudo formation.


This new unit added in gives tribal factions a buff unit consisting of an officer, standard bearer and 4 warhorn holders. eventually i would love to add custom audio for these that play consistantly during combat but for now they do not. the idea behind this unit is to give the player and active feature to benefit or hunder them if not contained or utalised properly on the battlefield. they have access to a selection of friendly buffs and enemy taunts and will need to be protected or targeted depending.

they are by no means however finsihed and the model used currently however looks good enough for now but is just a base game standard asset and i will be replacing it in time with a proper model


Example of what they MIGHT have sounded like

Hope you guys like

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