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Some news featuring images of most of the weapons, progress, ect.

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So works going along well, we have a possible mapper and I have done the skins for most of the weapons. You may have notticed that I post a new news articel every 1-2 weeks; I personally would like to keep doing this but as with no mapper or modelers this could stop very soon so if you would be so kind to apply PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT .

Here are some of the skins I am most proud of:

M-28 Fragmentation Grenade

M-28 Frag Grenade-The white strips now glow in the dark and the rest of it is a dark grey

Stealth Pulse Rifle (SPR) Mid-shot

The SPR is in my opinion one of the best looking weapons. Go over to the media section for more

And in personal news a good friend of mine that I went to school with has met an untimely end, , her name was Brianne Prieto but she went by Nikki and always had a smile on her face and never said any thing bad about anyone and will be dearly missed

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