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New tanks and planes have been spotted on the 'Front!

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I'm getting closer to being ready for the 2.4 release everyday, and I thought I'd show y'all some of the new toys you'll be able to play with :)

Panzer 38(t)

After Czechoslovakia was taken over by Germany in 1938, a number of Czech tanks were adopted for use by the German Army. One such tank was the Panzer 38(t) (in German, the Sd. Kfz. 140).

ScreenShot1 6

Although it didn't boast much in terms of armor (10mm-25mm) it was equal to most of it's German counterparts, like the Panzer I and Panzer II. Where it showed it's usefulness was in it's gun.

ScreenShot2 8

It's 37 mm Skoda A7 gun was more powerful than that of the the Panzer I or II, and even with the early Panzer III. For this reason, it saw extensive use early in the war, from France to invasion of Russia.

G4M2 "Betty"

The G4M2 was the main land-based bomber used by the Japanese during WWII. While the Allies called it "Betty", the Japanese pilots called it "Hamaki" (cigar) due to its cylindrical shape.

ScreenShot3 5

The G4M was agile for a bomber, due to it's light-weight construction. However, this also provided very little protection for the crew. To offset this, gunner positions in the ventral turret and tail were equipped with a Type 99 20mm cannon (a Japanese version of the 20mm Oerlikon cannon).

ScreenShot4 6

It is loaded with 12 60kg (140lb) Type 99 bombs, and can be found either spawning on an airfield or in a holding pattern in the skies above the 'Front.

ScreenShot5 3

So far, the pre-release testing is going well and I hope to have 2.4 ready for release in the next 7-10 days. Here's a quick look at the current changelog:

WarFront v2.4 Changelog
Bug Fixes:
Fixed the "jitter" when zooming with the K98
Fixed M3 Grant 37mm turret gun (bad projectile code)
Fixed 37mm AA AI code
Fixed Crusader main gun sound (bad path to .ssc)
Fixed T34-76 projectile (bad projectile code)
Fixed Italian heads (no longer disappear at close range)
Fixed Battle of Britain objective collisions to take damage within the WarFront system
Fixed Battle of Britain AA towers projectiles, will now damage planes
Changed Sherman IC Firefly turret to correct model (based on M4 Composite)
Changed Sherman IC Firefly gunbase to correct model (based on M4 Composite)
Changed Tiger I gun to correct model
Changed Stug III Ausf. G gun to correct model
Corrected sound difference between G43 and G43 Sniper
Corrected KV-1 turret size
Corrected KV-2 turret size
Fixed Breda M42 AI code
Fixed KV-1/KV-2 tower mg AI code
Fixed gunbase positioning issue with M4A3(76)W turret
Fixed Russian Kittyhawk bombrack (bad path to mesh)
Fixed Panzer III wrecked wheel texture (bad path to texture)

General Changes:
Added new M1 Carbine/M1A1 sound
Added Me-262 LOD & wreck model (no longer uses Mustang LOD & wreck)
Remodeled M4A3 hull to relocate bow mg
Replaced existing Hetzer trackset with new Pz38(t) trackset
Classes were overhauled, many received new load-outs
Removed 6th class from spawn menu, Machine Gun Support kits now crate spawnable
Adjusted several projectile damages (for playability)
Tweaked several textures
Tweaked almost all maps, re-positioning floating/bad objects

Vehicle/Weapon/Model Additions:
Added M18 Hellcat to mod
Added Panzer 38(t) to mod
Added G4M2 "Betty" to mod (using B17 cockpit for now)
Added Australian Slouch Hat to mod (Close Assault & both Officer classes)
Added wf_bridge_big to mod
Added Machine Gun kit spawn crates to mod (.50cal, BAR, Breda, Bren, DP, Johnson, MG34, MG42, Type99)

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
Budapest (conversion and rename of Danube_blues, a map by Bumsoft)
Jasiko Marsh (conversion of a map by AndyC.)
Kokoda Trail (conversion of a map by an unknown author)
Barbarossa (conversion and rename of Red_Sky, a map by Joe Hanson, AI by takiwa)

It won't be long now, so keep checking back for news on the next release!



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