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A new bug fix patch is now available via steam. This patch fixes many issues present in the 2.4 release.

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A new patch is up on Steam, fixing several issues with Beta 2.4. Server admins should update their servers.

- Use team spawns in Trinket Wars if no deathmatch spawns are available (fixes spawning problems with some custom maps)
- Fixed delays in voice commands, jump grunts, eat sounds, etc.
- Fixed being able to unlock mouse during skirmisher special
- Fixed achievements Final Strike, Mine's Better, Meat Carver
- Fixed Superior Messiah being achievable by changing teams when holding the trinket
- Fixed crash when using voicemenu2 in maps with no gamemode
- Teammates spawning in the same position will no longer cause spawn killing
- Parrot death voice line fix for captain
- Removed 50% chance on reload voice lines because they now only occur if there are teammates nearby
- Lowered pillar collapse sound for cathedral and added more aftermath effects
- Lowered clipping part for skirmisher round start sound
- Fixed medium damage voice for Huscarl
- Saints: Fixed the spawn where you get stuck
- Arena: Added more spawns, and added playerclips in front of the gates, so people do not touch it thus not receiving damage
- Updated Polish, Russian and Traditional Chinese translations
- Fixed Sudden Death sound not playing in Last Team Standing

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